Should my accountant be helping me to grow my business?

Running a business can be a lonely experience. You have people to manage, customers to keep happy, bills to pay and mouths to feed. And the buck always stops with you. 

Having someone to lean on, to help you navigate through the rough seas that business can bring, to act as a sounding board and to just be there when you need them, can work wonders. 

This someone needs to be someone you can trust. Someone who understands your business. Someone who appreciates the challenges and pain you go through. Someone who understands your personal goals and aspirations. And someone who has the experience to help you get there. 

This someone could be your accountant ... 

Your accountant has a wealth of experience in business - they advise and support hundreds of other businesses on a day to day basis. Your accountant has a grounding in numbers from which they can monitor the financial health or pulse of your business. Your accountant has the acumen to advise you what you need to do accelerate the growth of your business - whether that be through organic or acquisitive growth. Your accountant has the connections and network to ensure you get the best access to funding options, legal support or specialist advice you may need. And above all your accountant can relate because they are in business themselves. 

Question is, is your accountant the go to person to help you grow your business? Perhaps you weren't aware of the extent your accountant could help you? Perhaps your accountant didn't inform you of the breadth of services and support they can offer to you? It's not too late. Have the conversation and kick-start your relationship to supercharge your growth. 

And if your accountant is not open to helping you grow and content just to do your year end accounts (and see you once a year to talk about numbers which are 9 months out of date - i.e pointless exercise), then maybe look for another one ;-)


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