Miss M. Hatfield MCIPD

"I have known the Accountants at Walji & Co for approximately 20 years and during this time I have been impressed by the way that my accounts have been dealt with effectively and efficiently. My annual accounts are thoroughly and accurately prepared and have always been accepted by HMRC.

I have found that the Accountant who manages my accounts has built up a substantial knowledge of my financial and professional situation and is, therefore, able to answer queries in a timely manner.

When I have asked for guidance, I have always been given appropriate and accurate advice, based on a sound understanding of the situation. Everyone at Walji & Co is approachable and are always willing to use their considerable knowledge and skills for the benefit of their clients.
They are highly qualified and trained professionals who I would not hesitate in recommending to prospective clients."

Miss M. Hatfield MCIPD


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