Spectrum Coatings

"We have used Walji & Co Private Clients Limited as our accountants since starting our business in 1994.

When we started Spectrum Coatings, we looked long and hard for a professional accountancy company who we could work with, relate to and understand the financial terminology we then had confronting us. Walji & Co shone out as a company who we felt very comfortable with, much like chatting to a friend. They made our business set up so smooth and took away much of the stress we were going through.

From day one, Walji & Co have been by our side, guiding us through the ever changing financial climate, saving us money, submitting our accounts and advising us about our future, for both our professional finances and our personal finances. They really have performed beyond the call of duty.
We have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Walji & Co and have recommended them to other companies."

John & Carol Whitmrsh
Spectrum Coatings


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