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Plan your property tax right with our help

We've released a guide to help you reduce your property tax bill and continue expanding your portfolio. 

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Our ethos: Serving you.

To us, “adding value” means the little things, like our coffee menu in reception and making sure we get back to any phone or email message within 24 hours. 

And the significant things, like taking away the hassle of keeping the books, giving you the information you need to make better business decisions and helping you keep more of what you earn.


We work with business owners who value our input, wanting help to achieve business and personal objectives.


You’re a business owner who looks ahead, and needs regular support in all areas of finance.


You’re ready to use whatever technology gives you access to the information you need, so you keep making great decisions.


It’s not merely year end accounts you need: you want your full finance function managed from bookkeeper to CFO or anything in between (and a personal connection too).

From bookkeeper to CFO: Your Virtual Finance Office

Why have a separate bookkeeper and accountant, when you can have a fully integrated solution much more cost effectively?

Whatever you need when it comes to your finances we can take care of it. From the small bookkeeping details all the way through to implementing efficient systems, regular financial reporting, tracking KPi’s and board meetings, we’re in!

What's included?

Everything digital

Everything we do surrounds the online accounting software you need. You’ll have access to the numbers anywhere, and integrations to the latest tech.

Management information

You’ll have the numbers and you’ll understand them. Together we’ll talk about how they impact the business decisions you’re facing.

Expertise and knowledge

You’ll have access to a wide range of expertise from our team, including systems advice to save you time and technical advice on VAT etc when you need it.

All-in-one support

It’s not just the numbers, or just the accounts. It’s full support from start to finish throughout the whole year, all within a fixed fee so you can talk to as much as you want without worrying about a surprise bill.

We help you keep more of what you earn.

Tax planning is important, not just for your future, but for those of your children. Whether you want to run your car more efficiently, or pay for your children’s school fees, our tax planning expertise is suited to those who want to keep more of what they earn.

Start reducing your company and personal tax bills by thousands of pounds with our little-known tax strategies.

Our tax planning specialities

Profit Extraction

Whether it be using your children’s allowances or running your car tax efficiently, we think outside the box to help you keep more of what you earn.

Consultants Packages

Running your own limited company can be a headache. We're not a factory, so we take care of it all with our bespoke and personalised consultant packages.

Property Planning

You have a growing portfolio but need the tax support and expertise to manage and structure it effectively.

Holistic view

You or your company, it’s one and the same. We get that and advise you on a holistic basis rather than in silos.

"Compared to our previous experience with accountants, Walji and Co. have been a breath of fresh air!"

– Chilworth Care Ltd.

You don’t simply grow: you transform.

With our cutting edge Profit Growth programmes, you will see how important the correct pricing is to your company’s profitability. 

Out of the 9 drivers of profit, price is the most misunderstood and overlooked, yet it is the most powerful. 

When you understand and master price psychology you will make more sales and at higher prices, your profit will grow and you will have more cash in the bank.

Keep more of what you earn. Enjoy business more.


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